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#1 von Auriianna , 31.01.2014 02:59

01 What is your real name?

02 When is your birthday (with year)?

03 How old are you so already ... Do you find yourself actually too old for TCG and stuff?
33, nope never

04 Not? Nice ^ ^ How and by whom have you come here?
I just happen across the place though, not sure if the translation for this question was properly translated.

05 Aha. And why have you signed up?
Because it is different and I love the automated tcg less hosting.

06 Oh, where do you live?
Mississippi /USA

07 And what do you do for a living?
I stay at home, not many jobs in a small town.

08 Hmm, what I could you even ask? Do you have any pets?
I have four cats now, Molly 17, Onyx 2, Midnight and Luna 1

09 Are you forgiven?
Um.... not sure what you mean?

10 What are your favorite anime ...
Um that is a toughy, have to say too many to name

11 And ...-manga?
Too many to name.

12 Do you like books without pictures? If so, what?
I do, Dark Hunter Series by Sheryl Kenyon - not recommended for children.

13 And other films (real doer animated)?
Too many to name, but there are a few I love mainly Tyler Perry movies. Go Madea! RUN FROM THE POPO!

14 Hey, we're already reading at
Acheron? - not recommended for children

15 ^ ^ Do you have any other hobbies besides and view?
I knit and sew.

15 What is your greater desire? ... Rated 12, please, here also there are children present ;-)
To win the lottery to take care of my grandmother.

16 What did you want to be when you were little? So I mean, really small (up to max. 9 years)
Um... Nine years old. Not sure, but I was making my own barbie doll cloths at that age.

17 Hmm, go slow me the questions from ... Oh yeah, you also play? So video games? Yes? What?
Yes, I play video games, Harvest Moon I absolutely love.

18 What else do you do so even in your RL?
Work on my personal TCG I hope to open up one day.

19 What are your biggest quirks, vices, weaknesses?
Cars. I can't even go shopping for having to drive there... I get panic attacks.

20 Real? Oh ... But you certainly strengths and / or talents? * Hopeful *
I can sew, and knit.

21 Okay, that should do anything else to say ^ ^ Would you about yourself? Then out with it!
I wear glasses, and only had vision in my right eye.

22 Oh, one thing I almost forgot! What is your nickname and how did you come?
Um, I don't have a nickname. Though I did have code names in school, Bobay then later Aurora, finally Auriianna.

23 Oh, and in accordance to your favorite music I have you not yet even asked!
I pretty open to different types and styles.

24 And what do you have for a cell phone? It really is important, right??
Yes I do, Yes it is. Due to I have it to keep in touch with my grandmother. If she not able to get out of the car due to a weak spell. I will be able to call her from the store to make sure I have everything.

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RE: Auriianna

#2 von Snowdragon , 31.01.2014 10:06

First of all - I absolutely like that you translated this questions and once again: welcome back to HS!

Question 9 literal translation, made my day! xDD Google translate, I guess? It asks, if you are in a relationship. ^^

(Sorry, not laughing about you, just about the translation programm)

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RE: Auriianna

#3 von Kira , 31.01.2014 13:51

Welcome back to HS (=

Ahh, what would we be without crappy online translators? xD
Reminds me of a video made by Smosh.

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RE: Auriianna

#4 von mausal , 31.01.2014 14:32

Welcome back

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RE: Auriianna

#5 von Auriianna , 01.02.2014 04:30

As for number nine. No, I never had dated.

Thanks. So much had gone on in my life. I had my computer get hit by lightening, fan go bad, hard drive crash and a icky virus that messed up my keyboard port. I had it only three years. Wal-Mart special at its best.

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Wolf sucht :)
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