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#1 von Nyaasu , 06.01.2011 08:03

I've got a few questions ^^
Some of them are kinda private, soo you don't have to tell me your answers. Just let me know how often you got answer a, b and c.

What's the survey for? Well, just participate (until Jan 31st) and wait ;-)

1. Do you have many friends?
a) Yes! I don't have enough time for all of them
b) I have quite a few
c) No, just one or two, but they are all I need

2. How's the relationship with your parents?
a) Really good.
b) Good - well, at least with one of them
c) Not good / I don't have a relationship with them

3. How important is diversion in your life?
a) Extremely important. I always need something new!
b) A bit is okay.
c) I'd like everything to stay the way it is.

4. Are you good at sports?
a) No, I'm a loser.
b) No, but I like watching it!
c) Yes, I like sport and I'm very active.

5. Which hair color do you like about boys the opposite sex?
a) dark
b) light
c) I like crazy colors like deep red or green.

6. Do you have brothers or sisters?
a) Yes
b) No, but I'd like to have some
c) No

7. Are you a scaredy-cat?
7. Bist du ein großer Angsthase?
a) Yes...
b) Well, somehow, but I try to be brave
c) No, I AM brave!!

8. How's your style?
a) Normal, I think, but I like cute or crazy accessories
b) Very colorful, cute or crazy
c) I prefer looking unflashy

9. What about your nutrition?
a) I could eat sweets all day long!
b) I eat nearly everything
c) It's mostly balanced and healthy

10. How fast do you trust in others?
a) Nearly immediately. I'm a bit dewy-eyed...
b) Fast, but not too fast
c) It always takes a long time until I trust someone (if I do so at all)

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RE: Survey

#2 von Auriianna , 27.01.2014 21:09

1. b

2. b

3. a

4. a

5. a

6. a

7. b

8. a

9. b

10. c

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RE: Survey

#3 von Tiana , 26.06.2015 12:20

Ist das hier noch offen oder gibt es bald eine neue Runde?

!ღ! Herzliche Grüße meine Lieben !ღ!

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